We started our journey in 1998 by supplying dried figs to many of the well-known exporters in the region and
our roads intersected with production and packaging under our own brand in 2015.

With our advantage of being able to collect our raw material directly from the fig growers,
we continue our business by gradually increasing our sales every year. Our advantage brings our brands into the forefront in the market.

Our products in Organic and Natural (Conventional) ranges are available in both
local and international markets under our brand names Golden Figs, Golden Fruit and Seyrek.

Our production facility has been designed in accordance with the principles of Food Safety and
we conduct our production under hygienic conditions with a team of professionals. We ensure the accurate
tracking and inspeciton of our products from the production until they reach the consumers.

With our focus on customer satifaction and our quality oriented production approach,
we take our steps in confidence on the road to be one of the leading companies in the field of dried fruits.

Aiming to make our high quality products to be accessible for all the consumers around the world, our company has been
approved by reputable institutes with BRC Food, ISO 22000, Organic Production, Kosher and FDA certificates.