We here with declare and undertake that we shall:

Provide (create) added value for our superior quality raw material, which is our most distinctive characteristic seperating us from our competitors, by processing them in a hygienic working environment and in accordance with the Food Safety Principles and legal requirements.

Raise our brand to become a globally known trademark with high competition capabilities; and, to make it a trademark associated with quality and reliability.

Sustain the reliability of our brand by following up the developments and technological advancements in the industry on a continuous and systematical basis and therefore, benefit from those advancements to increase our profitability.

Establish long term business relations with our suppliers, our employees and our customers by understanding and meeting their needs at the highest possible level by the help of a determined management attitude.

Maintain the progressive advancement of Food safety and quality management procedures and applications.

Improve the qualifications of our employees in accodance with those policies and achive our goals altogether as a team.


We herewith declare and undertake that we shall:

Internalize the principle of “People First” as a management concept at every step in production and management.

Establish a reliable, healthy and equitable working environment for all the employees without discrimination by providing them the opportunity to exercise all their rights in full and well-directed.

Conduct our business in order to increase the competition power of our customers by presenting them high quality and creative products, solutions and services while believing in that our principal value is our human resources.

Never allow any kind of discrimination among our employees regarding but not limited to their religion, language, ethnicity, gender, political opinions, age, physical disabilities and etc. within our company and we shall not tolarate those who might act against this policy.

Take all the demands and complaints into consideration from all our employees including both the managerial and the operative personnel; and, provide solutions to their claims through mutual understanding.


We herewith (declare and) undertake that we shall:

Fulfil the enviromental commitments from all of our activities at the highest level in line with our policy

Comply with all the arrangements, regulations and other engagements established by all the local and international authorities.

Invest on new technology whenever possible in order to improve our productivity as well as to reduce the consumption of natural resources, especially water.

Invest on new technology whenever possible in order to improve our productivity as well as to reduce the consumption of natural resources, especially water.

Use energy and natural resources in the most efficient way and therefore, preserve and protect them accordingly.


We herewith (declare and) undertake that we shall:

Establish a healthy and safe working environment in accordance with the regulations and conditions of Occupational Health and Safety

Search and detect the risks identified in Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and eliminate them if possible; otherwise, reduce those risks to acceptable levels and keep them under supervision.

Ensure our employees, suppliers and visitors to obey the implemented OHS rules.

Train our employees and raise their awareness in order to ensure their health and safety in the work place.

Search and detect the potential risks which may cause occupational accidents or ilnesses in our work places and eliminate those risks.

Make assessments on the performance of the OHS system and work on improving the performance of the system.